1880 West 500 North
Vernal, UT 84078
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Andy McKea - Coordinator
Extension 2840

Karen Lawson - Secretary
Extension 2732



Split Mountain Youth Center
830 East Main
Vernal, UT 84078
(435) 789-2045
Fax: (435) 789-2245

Secure Observation Assessment (O&A)

Students are ordered to O&A to be observed and assessed in all areas of their lives, including education. A final report is compiled to present to the judge which will assist him/her in determining the best treatment/placement for the student after their stay at Split Mountain Youth Center. A certified teacher provides instruction and schoolwork is aligned with the Utah Core Curriculum.

Secure Rural Multi-Use Detention

A school program is provided for students who are temporarily detained at Split Mountain Youth Center. If they are enrolled in Uintah or Duchesne School District, their schoolwork will be brought to them and when completed, returned to the school. If they are not enrolled in a school, courses aligned with the Utah Core Curriculum are taught.




Dirk Collett
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Nikki Sorenson
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Danielle Gilroy
789-2045, ext. 214