1. Once a student has been classified as level D in language proficiency development, the student must be monitored for a period of at least two years. Monitoring includes but is not limited to:
              CRT results
              NRT performance
              Supplemental reading tests (for K-3 students)
              Direct Writing Assessment (DWA) results (6th and 9th grade only)
              Classroom grades
              Teacher observations
              Parental input
              Student's conversational and general language skills
  2. At the conclusion of the two year monitoring period the student may be exited from ALS provided that the monitoring demonstrates the student has made sufficient progress in acquiring English.
  3. Prior to exiting, make a final check of the above monitoring items.
  4. Check with the student's current teacher(s).
  5. If there are doubts concerning the student's English language skills, continue monitoring for an additional period of time with periodic review as needed.
  6. Notify parents in writing, in a language they best understand, that the school ALS team is recommending the student no longer be enrolled in ALS. If appropriate, invite the parents to an exit meeting with the ALS team.
  7. Enter "E" as the status and the appropriate exit date as "Status Date" on the on the ELL Language Proficiency Profile and return it to the district office.