Comprehensive Guidance

The following Uintah County Schools have qualified as Comprehensive Guidance Schools:

Uintah High School

Marianne Evans 781-3110 ext. 2623
Mindy Merrell 781-3110 ext 2612
Kelle Trogstad 781-3110 ext 2625
Sue Buckalew 781-3110 ext 2764
Wendy Phillips 781-3110 ext 2667

Uintah Middle School

James Mumford 781-3130 ext. 2125
Jenifer Gudac 781-3130 ext. 2111

Vernal Middle School

Tom Howells 781-3140 ext. 1841
Marysa Rhodes 781-3140 ext. 1827

Eagle View Elementary School

Janalee Purtle 722-2247 ext. 1604

Ashley Valley Education Center

Mindy Deets 781-4675 ext. 2845

USOE Comprehensive Guidance Program

Comprehensive Guidance involves restructuring guidance and counseling in the schools by way of program development and implementation. The Comprehensive Guidance program provides direct services to students in areas of guidance curriculum, individual planning (SEOP), and responsive services. The Comprehensive Guidance program requires approval of program standards by way of an on-site review in order for schools to qualify to receive funds. Schools receive funding determined by weighted pupil units (WPUs) from a separate categorical funding source.