Benefits Guide Book

Benefits Guide Summary Book

                                        Health Insurance

A division of Utah Retirement Systems, PEHP is a nonprofit trust with the vital job of providing health benefits to Utah’s public employees and their families.  They serve only the public sector-the state of Utah, its counties, cities, school districts, and other public agencies.  They specialize in serving government groups and are experts in self-funding.  They pride themselves in offering value, convenience, and choice to Utah’s public employees.

PEHP Summit:  PEHP Summit consists mostly of providers affiliated with Lasis, Mountain Star, and University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics.  It includes about 37participating hospitals and more than 7,000 providers
PEHP Preferred:  PEHP Preferred combines both, with about 79 participating hospitals and more than 11,000 providers

Wellness Participant
Non-Wellness Participant

WELLNESS: The Uintah School District Wellness Council functions to enhance and foster the health and well-being of all the employees of Uintah School District.
Click here for information on our Wellness Program.

                                        Dental Insurance

Lincoln Financial Group’s Lincoln DentalConnect program brings many distinct advantages including an expanded nationwide network of participating dentists who meet credentialing criteria and provide dental services at negotiated rates.  Benefits will be based upon the dentist’s participation status on the date services are received.  Members should verify a dentist’s participation status prior to and on the date of services.

                Lincoln Dental Plans

                                        Vision Insurance

Dental Select recognizes that our vision care program should be affordable and require little administrative effort.  Their vision plan offers choice, high quality and value with excellent service that will exceed your expectations.

Dental Select Vision
                Select Choice Vision 12

                                          Life Insurance

Today, as Lincoln Financial Group, they are a well-recognized family of companies steeped in their namesake’s ideals.  They work together with financial professionals, employers and organizations to help individuals and families confidently plan their financial futures and protect their loved ones.

Lincoln Financial Group
            Basic Life Insurance
            Voluntary Life Insurance
            Long-Term Disability Insurance


FSA: A Health Flexible Spending Arrangement allows an employee to pay for qualified medical, dental and vision expenses with pre-tax dollars.  The benefit of paying for your expenses before taxes, is that it will reduce your taxable income.  For more information on FSA, you can click on the website

  • Dependent Care Assistance Program is also a flexible spending arrangement (FSA).  For more information on the Dependent Care Assistance Program, you can click on the website
  • Limited Flex is a limited-purpose health FSA.  It has all the same tax benefits of a general purpose FSA, however; this account is exclusively limited to dental, vision, and preventative care expenses.  For more information on a limited-purpose FSA, please call 1-872-872-2125.

HSA:  Health Savings Accounts are individual savings accounts that you can use to pay for qualified health care costs tax free.  Any unused funds rollover from year to year and continue to earn interest tax free.  The HSA accounts for our district are attached to the Copper and Core Insurance plans.  For more information on the HSA, you can click on the website

Sick Leave Bank: It is the policy of the Board to establish a sick leave bank for eligible employees to cover long term absences that have been recommended by a licensed medical provider who (1) is included on the employee’s medical provider list or (2) to whom the employee has been referred by such a provider. Long term absences are defined as those which extend beyond the accumulated Paid Time Off (PTO) or vacation days of an employee.

Uintah Recreation Center: The Uintah Community Center is a 70,000 square foot state-of –the art facility featuring: Pools~ a lap/competitive pool and leisure pool with two slides and play features, two full-sized gymnasiums, indoor tracks, 36- foot tall climbing wall, aerobics/dance studio, strength room, cardio equipment balcony, locker rooms, indoor slide to first floor, on-site child care, three party rooms and programs/classrooms for use. You will get all of these great benefits with the BASIC Membership. With the PREMIUM Membership you will be able enjoy all the State-of-the art features along with the Aerobics Classes.


    Dena Moore
    (435)781-3100 ext. 1026

   560 East 200 South
   Salt Lake City, UT 84102
   (801) 366-7555

   Lincoln Financial Group
   Life Insurance/DentalConnect
   295 East Clay Lane
   Lehi, UT 84043

   DentalSelect (Vision Insurance)
   5373 South Greet Street, 4th Floor
   Salt Lake City, UT 84123

   860 East 9085 South
   Sandy, UT 84094
   fax 866-872-2125

   Utah Retirement Systems
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