001.0120         OBJECTIVE


Viewing ‘‘minimum requirements’’ only as a starting point is the overall objective of Uintah School District to realize excellence in all aspects of its educational programs and offerings. The restoration and preservation of standards is basic to this effort. Meaningful assignments, honest and consistent grading, demanding courses, required classes and earned promotions are to be emphasized as standards for excellence. In addition the following are stated as aims of the Uintah School District:


1.         Basic Skills. The teaching of the basic skills and their effective application shall constitute the major responsibility of the educational program.


2.         Responsibility. To give each student a feeling of personal responsibility to uphold and perpetuate fundamental concepts of democracy on a local, state, national basis.


3.         Moral values. To help develop within each student moral, ethical, values, such as:  personal dignity, appreciation for family life, respect for others, and obedience to law.


4.         Physical and Mental Health. To help the student attain the highest degree of physical fitness, mental alertness, and emotional stability of which he/she is capable.


5.         Economic Efficiency. To increase the student-s economic efficiency by teaching the dignity of work, the value of honest effort, and skills necessary for entry level into employment or further schooling.


6.         Aesthetics. To help each student enrich his/her life through an appreciation for the wonders of nature, and the expression in, and appreciation for, the arts.


7.         Leisure Time. To provide the student guidance, training and experience in a wide variety of recreational activities and to teach him/her the importance of the worthwhile use of leisure time.


8.         Human Relations. To help each student respect, understand, be interested in, and able to get along well with others.


9.         Self-Development. To help each student discover and magnify his/her own potentialities and unique abilities.


10.       Truth and Knowledge. To develop in the student an inquiring mind, the ability to think critically, and a thirst for the discovery and constructive use of truth and knowledge.



First Reading 10-3-85

Second Reading 10-17-85