The Board is aware of the constructive role which parent-teacher organizations can play in the school district. The effective leadership provided by these organizations is valuable to the improvement of educational programs and community support of the schools. The Board will offer these groups its cooperation, and urges parents, teachers, and administrators to become enthusiastic participants. The Board encourages the formation of a parent-teacher organization in connection with each school.


Each parent-teacher organization will work in harmony and in cooperation with the school where formed, but will have no administrative authority in connection with the operation of the school. Each organization will establish its own organization plan and rules of operation and file them with the Superintendent for approval by the Board.


Each parent-teacher organization forms its own committees, plans its own programs, studies projects, and conducts other activities in line with school rules and policies.


Resolutions of a parent-teacher organization will be accepted by the Board for consideration when such resolutions have been adopted by a majority of the members present at an official meeting of the organization.


The Board will not request or expect parent or parent-teacher groups to be fund-raising organizations for the public schools, but it will seek their support for the approval of a system budget and that will provide for all essential services, materials, and equipment.


Any elective fund-raising activities of school sponsored parent groups and their gifts to schools will be subject to Board policies.


First Reading 10-3-85

Second Reading 10-17-85