SECTION 002.0000

002.0100 Board Legal Satus: Powers and Duties
002.0200 Board Members: Eligibility and Qualifications
002.0205 Board Members: Compensation and Expenses
002.0210 Board Members: Student Members
002.0220 Board Members: Elections and Reapportionment
002.0230 Board Members: Vacancies on the Board
002.0300 Board Internal Operations
002.0305 Board Members: Principles of Operation - Conduct and Ethics
002.0400 Methods of Operation
     002.0431 Duties of Officers
     002.0440 School Board Meetings
     002.0450 Adoption and Change of Policy
     002.0451 Decisions in the Absence of Board Policy
     002.0452 Review of Administrative Decisions
002.0500 Administrative Regulations
002.0600 Statutes and State Rules and Regulations
002.0700 School-Community Relations
     002.0710 Advisory Committees
     002.0720 Public Appearances at Board Meetings
     002.0730 Grievance Procedure for Allegations of Discrimination
002.1000 Copyright Laws