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1.0              The Uintah School Board recognizes that a childís education is a responsibility shared by both the school and the family. Students will achieve and maintain a higher level of academic performance when cooperation between the school and home is encouraged. The intent of this policy is to promote greater, more effective parent involvement in each studentís education as well as more effective school to home communication.


2.0              This parent involvement policy shall be reviewed annually by each schoolís community council for input or suggestions to improve parent involvement and/or the effectiveness of this policy. Such input and suggestions will be forwarded to the board for its consideration.


3.0              Uintah School District supports the establishment of a parent/family involvement program in each school within the district. Such programs may include but are not limited to:

3.1.            Establishing consistent and effective communication between parents and the teachers and administrators of the respective schools through:

3.1.1.       Providing for parent/teacher conferences (SEP/SEOPís).

3.1.2.       Publication of regular newsletters to parents.

3.1.3.       Timely notification to parents of students at risk of failing.

3.1.4.       Maintaining a school website providing current information to parents.

3.1.5.       Utilization of the district automated phone messaging system.

3.2.            Assisting parents in understanding the stateís academic content standards, state and local academic assessments, and how to monitor their childís progress and work with educators to improve the achievement of their children.

3.3.            Providing information to parents about groups and organizations that may provide instruction and training to parents to help improve and support the academic success of their children.

3.4.            Promoting parent participation in the development and achievement of goals and expectations through:

3.4.1.      Active participation in the schoolís PTA/PTO organization.

3.4.2.      Providing opportunities for parents to serve as school volunteers.

3.4.3.      Encouraging parents to serve on the schoolís community council and/or its various ad hoc committees.

3.5.            Promoting responsible parenting by encouraging parents to:

3.5.1.       Provide a home environment that values education.

3.5.2.       Ensure that their children attend school regularly.

3.5.3.       Send children to school prepared to learn.

3.6.            Providing professional development opportunities for staff members to enhance their understanding of effective parental involvement strategies.

3.7.            Encouraging employers in the community to support parental and community involvement by allowing their employees opportunities for greater participation in public education during school hours where possible.