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1.0              Documentation of Employee Performance

1.1              The Board recognizes the need for periodic evaluation of all District personnel.  Documentation of an employee’s job performance is helpful in maintaining satisfactory levels of work and achievement, and in providing opportunities for planning and communication between the employee and the immediate supervisor.

1.2              The performance of each school district employee shall be evaluated annually.

1.3              A standard evaluation form for each classified category: media, office/secretaries, foods department, bus drivers, maintenance and teacher aides will be developed and used as the district tool.

1.4              Letters of commendation and other written reports to document outstanding job performance may be submitted to an employee by his or her immediate supervisor whenever the supervisor deems it appropriate.

1.5              If the district intends to not renew a career employee’s contract for unsatisfactory performance or terminate a career employee’s contract during the contract term for unsatisfactory performance, the supervisor shall:

1.5.1        Provide and discuss with the career employee written documentation clearly identifying the deficiencies in performance;

1.5.2        Provide written notice that the career employee’s employment is subject to termination if, upon a reevaluation of the career employee’s performance, the career employee’s performance is determined to be unsatisfactory;

1.5.3        Develop and implement a plan of assistance which shall include a statement clearly identifying (a) specific, measurable, and actionable deficiencies, (b) the available resources that will be provided for improvement, and (c) a recommended course of action that will improve the employee’s performance.

1.5.4        The period of time for implementing a plan of assistance:  May not exceed 120 contract days;  May continue into the next contract year;  Should be sufficient to successfully complete the plan of assistance;  Shall begin when the career employee receives the written notice specified in section 1.5.2 above; and  Shall end when the determination is made that the career employee has successfully remediated the deficiency or notice of intent to terminate the career employee’s employment is given in accordance with law.

1.5.5        Reevaluate the career employee’s performance; and

1.5.6        If the career employee’s performance remains unsatisfactory, give notice of intent to not renew or terminate the career employee’s contract in accordance with state law.

1.5.7        If, upon reevaluation of the career employee’s performance, the district determines the career employee’s performance is satisfactory, and within a three-year period after the initial documentation of unsatisfactory performance for the same deficiency specified in section 1.5.2 above, the career employee’s performance is determined to be unsatisfactory, the district may elect to terminate the career employee’s employment.

1.5.8        If the district intends to terminate a career employee’s contract as provided in section 1.5.7 above, the district shall:  Provide written documentation of the career employee’s deficiencies in performance; and  Give notice of intent to terminate the career employee’s employment in accordance with law.

1.6              A copy of each performance evaluation shall be submitted by supervisors to the Human Resources Department for placement in the employee’s personnel file.

1.7              Before submitting a copy of any performance evaluation to the Human Resources Department, supervisors shall ensure that the employee has an opportunity to review, sign, and receive a copy of the document.  Such signatures indicate only that the employee has read the materials and is aware of the contents.

1.8              If the employee does not agree with the performance evaluation, the employee shall have the right to submit to the Human Resources Department within ten working days the employee’s own written response to the unsatisfactory evaluation, and to have the written response placed in the employee’s file.