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005.0310         REDUCTION IN FORCE


Replaces and Supersedes Policy 005.0310 (APPROVED 2/9/10)


1.0              From time to time there may be a need, as outlined in Utah Code 53A-8-107, to reduce the work force within the District, and Uintah School District may reduce the number of staff members for the District or a program through a reduction in force due to one or more of the following at any time during the calendar year:


1.1              Declining student enrollments in the District;


1.2              The discontinuance or substantial reduction of a particular service or program;


1.3              The shortage of anticipated revenue after the budget has been adopted: or


1.4              School consolidation.


2.0              No reduction in force shall take place without approval of the Board of Education, and such approval will be documented in Board minutes.


3.0              When a reduction becomes necessary, the following items shall be considered:


3.1              Categories of work to be eliminated, such as programs and teaching subjects.


3.2              Retention consideration will be given to educators’ professional license and endorsement areas, training and if needed, ability to assist in extra-curricular activities.


3.3              The district may consider the following factors when terminating a school district employee in a reduction in force:


3.3.1        The results of an employee’s performance evaluation; and

3.3.2        A school’s personnel needs.


3.4              The district may not utilize a last-hired, first-fired layoff procedure when terminating school district employees as part of a reduction in force.


4.0              If an employee is to be released under this provision, the Board shall serve written notice upon the employee as soon as possible.


5.0              If any abolished positions are reinstated within one calendar year from the employee’s official termination date, those positions will first be offered to employees who lost their positions through a reduction in force.


5.1              The order of reinstatement shall be the same as above: (1) certification, training, and ability, and (2) performance.