1st Reading

April 14, 1998




2nd Reading

May 5, 1998











005.0500         MEET AND CONFER




005.0500         MEET AND CONFER POLICY        (Adopted November 12, 1996)

005.0510         SALARY SCHEDULE                        (Adopted November 12, 1996)

005.0505         DEFINITIONS                                    (Adopted October 8, 1996)


1.                  It is the policy of the Uintah School Board to annually meet and confer with District employees and to pay said employees according to Board adopted salary schedules.  In referring to the different employee groups, the Board should use the defined terms set forth in Section 3.0 and specify exactly which group is under consideration, especially the difference between administrators, superintendent, and business administrator.

2.                  Other pay schedules for part-time service, incentive pay, committee work, special programs, extra curricular, and coaching, etc., will be formulated by the administration and submitted to the Board of Education for approval.

3.                  Definitions:

3.1              During times when employees and the Board meet and confer, the following terms shall have the meanings stated below unless otherwise clearly specified by the parties during meetings:

3.1.1        “Full Time Employees” means all full time Teachers, all full time Classified Employees, full time Special Contract Employees (as defined below), and all Administrators as defined below.

3.1.2        “Part Time Employees” means all part time Teachers, all part time Classified Employees; this does not include Incidental Contract Employees as defined below.

3.1.3        “Incidental Contract Employees” means all individuals engaged from time to time to perform a specific, but temporary function.  Incidental Contract Employees may include, but are not limited to, substitute teachers, individuals working on vouchers, CPA’s hired for audits or other contract work, attorneys hired from time to time to perform legal services, and contract aides.

3.1.4        “Employees” means all Full Time Employees and all Part Time Employees, but does not include Incidental Contract Employees.

3.1.5        Principals” means all Principals assigned to a school in the District, but does not include Vice Principals and Head Teachers.

3.1.6        “Vice Principals” means all Vice Principals assigned to schools in the District, but does not include Principals and other department heads.

3.1.7        “District Office Administrators” means the Superintendent, all assistant superintendents, the business administrator, the personnel director, director of special education.

3.1.8        “Administrators” means all Principals, Vice Principals, and District Office Administrators.

3.1.9        “Teacher” means all certificated full time and part time teachers, counselors, and media directors and should not include substitute teachers, aides and other assistants.

3.1.10    The “Superintendent” and the Business Administrator” means the Superintendent and the Business Administrator.

3.1.11    “Classified Employees” means all Full Time Employees and Part Time Employees, except Teachers and Administrators.

3.1.12    “Special Contract Employees” means all employees with unique individual contracts.