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Replaces Policy 005.0640 Sabbatical Leave of Absence


1.0       A leave of absence for up to one year for professional development may be granted by the Board of Education.


2.0       An employee desiring a leave of absence for professional improvement shall notify the superintendent not later than February 1 of the year preceding the requested leave of absence and shall specify the intended course of study or professional development plans and the time period that the employee requests to be granted leave of absence.


3.0       The superintendent shall evaluate the request for leave of absence including the impact on staffing and administration in the district, the benefits to the district by allowing the professional development, the impact on the educational progress of students in the district and the difficulty of providing a position for the employee upon return to the district and such other factors as are deemed appropriate in the interest of the school district and the students.


4.0       The superintendent shall present the request for leave of absence to the school board with the superintendent's evaluation and recommendations.


5.0       The school board may grant or deny the request, or grant the request with conditions.


6.0       Any leave of absence shall be granted subject to the following conditions:

6.1       Leave of Absence shall extend for one school year, no more no less.

6.2       The Leave of Absence shall not include all or any part of more than one school year.

6.3       No compensation or benefits shall be provided to the applicant during the Leave of Absence.

6.4       The applicant shall verify in writing his or her intent to resume employment with the school district not later than February 1.

6.5       The applicant granted Leave of Absence shall be re-employed in the same or similar position to that held by the applicant at the beginning of the Leave of Absence.

6.5.1    If budgetary changes or curriculum changes have eliminated the position or program in which the employee was previously employed, the applicant shall not be re-employed.

6.6       During the time away, the employee shall not earn service time, i.e., the time away shall not be counted as time in employment for purposes of step or lane change, retirement, or any other program or benefit based upon time of service in Uintah School District.

6.7       If during the time the applicant is away on Leave of Absence, the applicant engages in conduct which would result in disciplinary action or termination from employment, the applicant shall not be re-employed at the end of the Leave of Absence.

6.8       Leaves of Absence shall only be granted by Uintah School District when the School Board determines that granting such Leave of Absence will be in the best interests of Uintah School District and the students of the school district.