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005.1150         OVERTIME/COMP TIME



1.0              OVERTIME/COMP TIME

1.1              All employees shall comply with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as amended and the Department of Labor regulations issues thereunder pertaining to compensation for overtime work.  Supervisors shall organize employee work schedules to minimize the need for overtime work.  When manpower shortages, scheduling problems or emergencies require overtime work employees will be compensated for that work as provided in this policy.


2.0              EXEMPTIONS

2.1              In accordance with the provisions of the fair Labor Standards act those persons employed in exempt positions shall not receive any additional compensation for overtime worked except as provided for on the extracurricular salary schedule or for assigned duties which are normally compensated.   Exempt employees including management and executive employees and administrative and professional employees may be required and expected to attend meetings and other activities at times before and after regular hours.  At the discretion of the Superintendent those employees may be granted compensatory time off for required meetings and activities in excess of the regular work schedule on an hour for hour basis.


3.0              WORK WEEK

3.1              For the purpose of complying with the requirements of the FLSA the work week for non-exempt employees shall consist of seven (7) days beginning at 12:00 a.m. Saturday and ending at 11:59 p.m. the following Friday. 



4.1              Each nonexempt general employee shall receive overtime pay at the rate of one and one half times the employees regular hourly rate or compensatory time off at the rate of one and one half hours for each hour worked in excess of forty (40) hours during the seven (7) days a work week.

4.2              The Superintendent of Schools or the Business Administrator shall determine whether overtime is necessary and shall be compensated at one and one half times the rate of pay or through comp time.  Any payment of overtime must be cleared through the District Business Administrator.

4.2.1        In the case of an emergency (snow removal, main line break, etc.), the department head/supervisor can determine if the overtime is necessary and report the labor need and emergency to the Superintendent of Schools or Business Administrator as soon as possible.

4.3              Comp time may not be accumulated in excess of 30 hours (20 hours of overtime worked).

4.4              All comp time is to be used during the fiscal year in which it accrues except comp time accrued during the last thirty (30) days of the calendar year, which may at the discretion of the department head, be carried over to the next calendar year.

4.5              When an employee has reached the maximum number of comp time hours permitted by this policy no further comp time may be authorized for that employee until some of the comp time is used.

4.6              Except in a bona fide emergency or as authorized by the Supervisors’ non-exempt employees are not permitted to work or be at their employment station for more than forty (40) hours during the work week.

4.7              All non-exempt employees are required to keep accurate time records to be submitted to their immediate supervisor and approved on monthly basis on the District approved forms.  All time records must be signed and verified as accurate by the employee and must be approved by the supervisor and submitted to the District Business Administrator on monthly basis (by the first of each month).

4.8              Employees should organize their time and activities and accomplish the tasks assigned in an efficient manner within the regular forty (40) hour work week. Supervisors are expected to allocate manpower resources efficiently and effectively to accomplish the assigned tasks without employees incurring overtime except in unusual circumstances.  Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that overtime worked by employees is not the result of inefficient use of regular work time.  Supervisors shall verify each employee’s hours on a weekly basis in order to make adjustments, if necessary, to avoid comp time accumulation.

4.9              Whenever possible time worked in excess of eight (8) hours in a day should be compensated by allowing the same number of hours off during that work week.  Wherever possible comp time should be used in the same pay period as it was earned.

4.9.1        An employee cannot earn straight time or comp time and use leave in the same work week.

4.10          All overtime must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools or the Business Administrator except as noted in 4.2.1.

4.11          All comp time earned and used must be shown on the employee absence report and daily time log form.  This form must be accurately completed and filled out.

4.12          If time is worked in excess of the regular forty (40) hour week for non-exempt employees it is expected that the compensation for that time will be through comp time.

4.13          Falsifying any time records or comp time records, including omitting hours worked from the timesheet, is an act of dishonesty and will subject the party to disciplinary action.

4.14          Any violation of this policy including an employee remaining or being allowed to remain at the work site in violation of this policy will be grounds for disciplinary action.

4.15          Nothing in this policy shall be construed to excuse an employee from working in excess of the regular work day or work week when requested to do so by the supervisor.

4.16          If an employee works occasionally or sporadically on a part-time basis in a different capacity from their regular employment position, the hours worked in the different capacity shall not be combined for the purposes of determining overtime liability.