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005.2150 Concealed Weapons in Schools


Uintah School District has a responsibility to maintain public trust and confidence by providing a safe school environment for students and a safe work place for employees.


1.0              Purpose:

1.1              The purpose of this policy is to define the use of legally concealed weapons on or about school premises or other district buildings or property, by students, employees, on-site vendors, patrons and volunteers.


2.0              Standards:

2.1              Possession or use of a weapon by any student or employee in a school building, in or on school property, or in conjunction with any school activity, or in any other school district location, unless specifically authorized by law, is in violation of Uintah School District Policy, and will be subject to disciplinary sanctions which may include termination.

2.2              “School district location” means in any school building and on any school premises; on any school-owned vehicle or in any other school-approved vehicle used to transport students to and from school or school activities; off school property at any school-sponsored or school-approved activity, event or function, such as a field trip or athletic event, where students are under the jurisdiction of the school district; or during any period of time such employee is supervising students on behalf of the school district or otherwise engaged in school district business.

2.3              The law provides that a qualified person may receive a permit “to carry a concealed firearm for lawful self defense”…UCA53-5-704 (1).  A concealed dangerous weapon means…” a dangerous weapon that is covered, hidden or secreted in a manner that the public would not be aware of its presence and is readily accessible for immediate use.” UCA 76-10-501 (2) (a).

2.4              Employees and students of Uintah School District who obtain concealed weapons permits do so in their own individual capacities.  Any use of such weapons is outside the scope of employment, and is not the purpose of employment by the District, and is done solely in the employee’s personal capacity, not as an employee of the District.  This policy applies to all students, employees, patrons, on-site vendors and volunteers.

2.5              With the exception of police officers, employees and students who carry a legally concealed weapon may not use district property, or classroom equipment, to cover, hide, or secret a weapon or store dangerous items.