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General Statement:  The Board of Education recognizes the mutual benefit for educators, and Uintah School District when educators participate in educational activities.


“Educator” means an employee who holds a current Utah educator license, or who qualifies to earn a Utah educator license through Alternative Routes to Licensure, who is assigned to teach in a position requiring such licensure.


1.0  Purpose: To provide financial aid:

1.1  for educators to complete additional education, training or professional testing required in order to become state qualified or NCLB “highly qualified” for their assignments, to meet district requirements for a level 2 license upgrade, or to acquire specific skills requested by the district.

2.0  The educational assistance program is available to educators employed by the district. Educators may apply for financial assistance through the district human resources office.

2.1  Educators requesting financial assistance must submit an Educational Financial Assistance Application to the district office no later than September 1 for the current fiscal year, which begins July 1 and runs through June 30, in order to qualify for reimbursement.

2.1.1        Educators hired after the September 1 deadline may apply for financial assistance within two months after hire.

2.2  Application forms can be obtained on the District Forms page of the district web site.

2.3  Approval of applications is subject to the availability of funds.

2.3.1        When the combined amount of funding requests exceeds available funding, awards to all applicants will be reduced on prorated basis.

2.4  The maximum assistance for which any one educator may qualify during any fiscal year is $2,000.

2.5  A contracted educator shall work a minimum of three years in Uintah School District following completion of the last course for which the district pays tuition.

2.5.1        A contracted educator who voluntarily leaves his or her district employment within that three-year time period shall reimburse Uintah School District the sum of the financial assistance received, plus simple interest, within one year of leaving the district.

3.0  Educators may apply for assistance in covering the cost of classes and/or tests taken to:

3.1  Acquire certification or endorsement in a subject area to which the teacher has been assigned by the district but for which he/she is not certified or endorsed.

3.2  Acquire specific skills requested by the district.

3.3  Fulfill requirements to be considered state qualified or “highly qualified” as defined in the “No Child Left Behind Act,” for his or her assignment.

3.4  Earn Utah educator licensure through Alternate Routes to Licensure (ARL) for his or her current assignment.

4.0  Financial assistance for educators may be requested for the following expenses incurred under 3.0:

4.1  Tuition

4.2  Class fees

4.3  Books (not available for paraprofessionals)

4.4  Required professional testing fees

4.4.1        Testing fees will be reimbursed only once per certification area.

4.5  Costs for travel, lodging, meals or other costs not specifically listed above are not reimbursable.

5.0  Educators must pay up front costs themselves and request reimbursement later by presenting the following to the human resources office at the conclusion of the class or test before reimbursement will be processed:

5.1  An unofficial copy of a transcript or grade report showing the grade obtained and the semester in which the class was taken, or proof of a passing test score.

5.1.1        No reimbursement will be made for a class which has not been successfully completed with a “C” grade or better posted on the transcript, or for a test not passed with at least a minimum passing score.

5.2  A copy of the receipt(s) (showing tuition, fees, books, testing fee, test registration fee, and/or study guide fee payments made by the educator) for which reimbursement is requested.

5.3  An Educational Assistance Reimbursement Request form signed by the employee.