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006.0075         EARLY GRADUATION


revises 006.0075 early graduation (last approved on 07/01/06)


1.0              Any secondary school student who has completed all required courses and has met the credit requirement may, with the approval of the student, the student’s parent or guardian, and the school administration, graduate at the conclusion of the eleventh grade as provided in Section 53A-15-101, or at the end of the first or second term of the twelfth grade.

2.0              Each student intending to graduate early must have a CCR (College and Career Readiness Plan) plan approved by his/her parent or guardian and the school administration which outlines plans for “early graduation.” The student must also complete an application for “early graduation”. This application is to be submitted to his/her counselor, and the counselor must verify, by signature, that the student is “on target” for meeting the graduation requirements by the date scheduled for the next high school graduation. (See policy 006.0050 for testing and credit requirements for graduation.)

3.0              In order for students to meet all graduation requirements by the end of the eleventh grade year, the following credit options may be used where available. Students may earn credit by:

3.1              successfully completing courses which are taken during the regular school schedule;

3.2              demonstrating proficiency via assessment, as assessment tools become available;

3.3              demonstrating mastery by completing approved courses outside of the school day or year;

3.4              demonstrating mastery of approved correspondence or extension courses;

3.5              successfully completing a concurrent enrollment courses that have been approved by a post-secondary training institution;

3.6              successfully completing advanced placement courses; or

3.7              demonstrating mastery through an approved special experimental program, upon application by the local board of education to the Utah State Board of Education.