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006.0210         SEX EDUCATION




The Board of Education believes that sex education is primarily the responsibility of the home. However, health, biology and physiology, child development and parenting courses deal with the physiological process of human growth and development beyond this level, sex education is not included as a part of the curriculum.


Any instruction about human sexuality will promote morality and chastity, i.e., abstinence from sexual activity before marriage, and fidelity after marriage.


Any instruction about human sexuality will not include:

a.         The intricacies of intercourse, sexual stimulation, erotic behavior, etc.

b.         The advocacy of homosexuality

c.         The advocacy or encouragement of contraception or devices;or

d.         The advocacy of sexual activity outside of marriage.


There will be written prior parental consent before including any aspect of contraception in the curriculum.


An educator may not intentionally elicit comments or question about matters subject to parental consent requirements. Responses permitted must be brief, factual, objective, and in harmony with content requirements of the Utah State Board of Education policy regarding the importance of marriage and the family, abstinence from sexual activity before marriage, and fidelity after marriage. Responses must be appropriate to the age and maturity of the students involved, and limited in scope to that reasonably necessary under the circumstances. Students shall then be referred to their parents for further information.  Response made in compliance with these requirements shall not be considered to be a violation of the parental consent requirements of this policy.


The schools in the Uintah School District will provide instruction about AIDS as a communicable disease. This instruction will not exceed that which has been approved by the Utah State Board of Education, either in content or in method of instruction.


Teachers may not teach the AIDS curriculum without having received the Utah State Board of Education approved inservice training.


There are occasions when special programs are presented under the direction of the school nurse in which fathers and sons, or mothers and daughters meet to discuss the maturation and development of boys and girls. These programs are usually presented to fifth grade girls and sixth grade boys.  No child and/or parent is required to participate in this program.