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1.0              The Uintah School District provides a special program for education of the handicapped. The overall goal of this program is that of providing each child with the opportunity to achieve in educational level commensurate with his/her potential to learn. The district program has been developed in compliance with state and federal regulations and is designed to identify, diagnose, program for, and periodically reevaluate the progress of the handicapped child.


2.0              It is understood that an appropriate professional staff team (as per regulations) will provide the above mentioned services.


3.0              It is further understood that the parent or legal guardian of said children is to give written consent prior to these professionals testing for or making placement of said children into any special education program.


4.0              In cases where children are tested (with parent consent) and determined by the professional team that it is in the best educational interest of the child to be placed in one or more of the several special remedial programs, such placement should be made. It is, however, imperative that such placement be made only after written consent is given by the parent. At the secondary level, input from the person being served is mandatory


5.0              In the event that parents refuse placement of their child in the recommended program, the school administer is to do the following:


5.1              Make sure (through the use of the staff) that the parents understand the special program proposal.


5.2              Review with the parents and staff other possible methods (within the regulations) of meeting the needs of the child.


5.3              If parent consent is still not forthcoming the school administrator will obtain from the parents a signed statement specifically indicating that they do not want their child to participate in the recommended or alternative special programs which are provided by the school.


5.4              As in all procedures having to do with special education, the above mentioned should be thoroughly and professionally documented.