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1.0              It is the position of the Uintah School District that students who are absent from school due to sickness or hospitalization should return to school as quickly as possible and/or upon the condition that the health of the student is not dangerous to his/her self or to other students and personnel.


2.0              When a student is unable to attend school for reasons of sickness or hospitalization a cooperative effort should be made by the student, family, and school personnel to ensure against loss of credit. This effort should include teacher/parent-student contact and the conveyance of assignments and lesson materials to and from the student.


3.0              When there is an anticipated absence of ten (10) or more consecutive school days the student may qualify for home or hospitalized teacher services.  Generally, the disability is clearly defined and will last for an expected period of time. Disabilities such as broken bones, ligament problems, specific surgery, and pregnancy are included. Students who meet these criterion may receive teacher assistance and instruction. Therefore, classroom teachers and/or attendance personnel should report to the principal any student whose absence or anticipated absence should qualify that student to receive home or hospital teaching services.


4.0              Authorization


Authorization for home or hospital teaching services is to be given by the school principal prior to any visit.


5.0              Purpose


5.1              Assist the student in his/her maintenance of classroom assignments and studies.


5.2              To maintain students in “membership” when sickness or injury requires them to be home or hospitalized ten or more consecutive days.


6.0              Teaching


Those who perform home or hospital teaching services should:


6.1              Maintain contact with the student’s regular teacher to plan lessons which relate to class assignments.


6.2              Report outcome of visits to the classroom teacher.


6.3              Make a one hour visit (where feasible, illness or injury permitting) for the purpose of (a) delivering and retrieving teacher assignments (b) actually assisting the student toward the completion of assignments.


6.4              Will submit reports of visits and make claim for salary and mileage to the district office (through the school office, principal signature required).


7.0              Time Requirement


The student must receive an average of two (2) contact hours of instruction per week in order to qualify for full membership in the regular program.


8.0              Payment


Teachers will be paid for each one hour visit. Where two or more students may be visited in the same home at the same time, the teacher should not claim multiple payment for a one hour visit.


9.0              Roll Book (Attendance) Entry


An “H” should be used by teachers and attendance personnel to indicate that a student is receiving home or hospital teaching services.