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2nd Reading           08/24/99                            Revised                                    

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1.0       Uintah School District recognizes that educational programs, sponsored by organizations and groups outside of Uintah School District, may provide valuable learning experiences and educational opportunities for students in Uintah School District.


2.0       It is also recognized that without proper screening and supervision, outside groups or organizations may present programs or activities which are not appropriate in a public school setting and which might detract from the educational objectives of Uintah School District, or that may be illegal or inappropriate under state or federal law or district policy.


3.0       It is also recognized that excessive numbers of outside programs may interfere with the educational progress of students and limit the ability of the teachers to cover the curriculum’s instructional objectives.


4.0       Before scheduling any program, assembly, or activity, that will  be presented to students at school district facilities during the school day, each building administrator shall require the individual, group, or organization providing or sponsoring a program to deliver a detailed outline of the program.


4.1       No program shall be allowed which does not provide sufficient information to the building administrator to determine its appropriateness in the school setting.


4.2       Any program which contains activity or content which is not designed to enhance and improve the educational objectives of the school district shall not be permitted.



5.0       Any program or activity which contains content which is in violation of or inconsistent with state or federal law, or district policy, or the approved curriculum, shall not be allowed, including, but not limited to:


a)         programs that violate the Establishment Clause;

b)         programs that promote or disparage any particular religion;

c)         programs that promote or encourage use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco;

d)         programs dealing with human sexuality, except as authorized pursuant to Utah state law, the regulations of the State Board of Education, and the policies and procedures of Uintah School District;

e)         programs promoting illegal or immoral conduct or behavior;

f)          programs exhibiting inappropriate violence, or promoting violent, illegal, or anti-social behavior;

g)         programs or activities promoting or encouraging hatred toward individuals or groups, particularly based upon race, religion, national origin, or gender.


6.0       It is intended that all programs conducted on school premises during the school day shall be in support of the legitimate and appropriate educational growth and development of students and consistent with the approved curriculum objectives.


7.0       Each group or organization, desiring to provide or sponsor a program or activity for students in Uintah School District, shall verify that the program or activity is consistent with this policy and that no part of the program or activity will violate state or federal law or school district policies.


8.0       This policy shall apply to activities or programs whether on a school-wide or classroom basis.  No program shall be allowed which will detract from the educational objectives of Uintah School District or which shall interfere with the maintenance of an appropriate learning environment in the school and classroom.