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1.0†††††† PURPOSE

1.1†††††† This policy addresses the procedure for establishing or reviewing school attendance areas.It also addresses the open enrollment program established by the State of Utah and the procedures for requests to attend a school out of a studentís attendance area.


2.1†††††† Attendance areas for each school in the district have been and will continue to be determined and adjusted from time to time by the Board of Education.

2.2†††††† All attendance areas established by prior motion or resolution or practice of the school district at the time of the adoption of this policy are adopted and recognized as the attendance areas for Uintah School District until modified or amended by action of the Board of Education.

2.3†††††† In considering an adjustment or modification of attendance area boundaries, the Board shall consider those factors determined by the Board of Education and the Superintendent to be relevant to the districtís ability to provide the best possible education to each of its students and to efficiently manage physical facilities, transportation, use of personnel and other factors deemed important by the Board of Education and Superintendent.


3.1†††††† Each student shall attend the school designated according to his/her primary residence.

3.2†††††† The term ďprimary residenceĒ is defined as the place where the student actually resides with his/her parent or legal guardian. Under extenuating circumstances, as determined by the District Superintendent after application made in writing, students may, where necessary or desirable to accommodate special needs of the district or student, be permitted to attend a school other than their school of residence.


4.1†††††† Prior to September 30th of each year, the Board of Education shall announce its policy describing procedures for students to follow in applying to attend schools other than their schools of residence.



5.1              To promote stability and predictability of attendance numbers, it is desired and preferred that each student in the district attend the school designated by his/her place of residence (meaning the place where the student actually resides with his/her parent or legal guardian).Notwithstanding that preference, attendance outside the studentís area of residence may be permitted, pursuant to the provisions of this policy and applicable state law.

5.2              Change of Residence.If during the school year, the parent or guardian of a student changes residence to a different attendance area within the school district, the student has the choice of staying in the school in which he/she originally registered for the remainder of that school year only or going immediately to the school in the new attendance area.Transportation is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian, if the student attends outside the studentís assigned attendance area.

5.3              Procedures.Students who desire to attend a school outside their attendance area shall follow the following procedures:

5.3.1††† The student seeking permission to change schools, and his/her parents or legal guardian, shall complete and sign an application form as prescribed by the State Office of Education

5.3.2††† Early Enrollment Applications should be submitted between December 1 and the third Friday in February of the year preceding the school year in which admission is sought.Completed applications must be submitted to the Director of Student Services.

5.3.3††† Late Enrollment Applications will be considered between the third Friday in February and the Friday before the new school year begins.


6.1†††††† Applications for enrollment in schools that cause the school to exceed the threshold of average daily membership as determined according to State Board of Education regulations (See R277-437) may be rejected except that applications for students whose school of residence is a Title I school which has been identified for school improvement cannot be rejected because it would cause the receiving school to exceed enrollment caps established by the district under R277-437.

6.2†††††† All other applications shall be reviewed and considered by the Director of Student services.

6.3†††††† Applications will be rejected if the district determines that:

a)      The capacity of the program being sought, the class, the grade level or building would be exceeded, (see Section 6.1);

b)      The school does not offer a program the student requires;

c)      The student has not demonstrated willingness to comply with district policies; (see Policy 007.2200, Safe Schools, Conduct, and Discipline) or,

d)      Maintenance of heterogeneity in student population necessary to avoid violation of constitutional or statutory rights of the students would be upset by approving the application.

6.4†††††† Applications may be rejected from students who have committed serious infractions of the law or school rules, including rules of the district in which enrollment is sought or who have been guilty of chronic misbehavior which would if it were to continue after the student was admitted endanger persons or property, cause serious disruptions in the school or place unreasonable burdens on school staff.

6.4.1††† The Board of Education on a case by case basis may approve provisional enrollment of students with prior behavioral problems establishing conditions under which enrollment of the student will be permitted or continued.

6.5†††††† Standards which may not be considered in approving or denying applications, include previous academic achievement, athletic or other extra curricular activity, the fact that the student requires special education services for which space is available (see Section 6.3.b this policy), proficiency in the English language or previous disciplinary proceedings except as provided in Section 6.4 above.

6.6†††††† Students enrolling in another district are subject to the policies of the State Board of Education and the Utah High School Activities Association in determining eligibility for participation in interscholastic completion.

6.7†††††† Parents or guardian of students will be notified in writing of acceptance or rejection of their application by March 31st.

6.8†††††† Once enrolled, the student shall be permitted to remain enrolled in the school subject to the same rules and standard as other students without filing renewal applications, unless one of the following occurs:

6.8.1††† The student graduates;

6.8.2††† The student is no longer a Utah resident:

6.8.3††† The student is suspended or expelled from school; or

6.8.5††† The student moves to a grade not contained in the current school (i.e. 5th grade in an elementary to 6th grade in a middle school).


7.1†††††† Denial of an initial or continuing enrollment may be appealed to the Board of Education in writing.

7.2†††††† The written appeal shall clearly outline the studentís enrollment history and all factors which the applicant desires the Board to consider and which are relevant to the granting or denial of the appeal.

7.3†††††† Written appeals shall be filed with the Superintendent not later than 30 calendar days following notice of denial of enrollment.

7.4†††††† The Board shall consider written appeals without evidentiary hearing. The decision of the Board shall be final.


8.1†††††† Nonresident students of Uintah School District desiring to enroll in Uintah School District shall follow the application procedures and shall be subject to acceptance or rejection of application as set forth in Sections 5.0 through Sections 7.0 above.

8.2†††††† Nonresident students must be residents of the state of Utah.

8.3†††††† If the application is approved, written notice of that fact shall be given to the studentís district of residence.

8.4†††††† If the district determines that nonresident students must be excluded from continued enrollment in the district during a subsequent year, those nonresident students most recently enrolled shall be excluded first.

8.5†††††† Nonresident students who will not be permitted to continue their enrollment the next year shall be notified no later than March 31st of the current school year.


9.1†††††† A parent or guardian of a nonresident student enrolled in Uintah School District may withdraw the student from the district for enrollment in another district by:

9.1.1††† Submitting notice of intent to enroll the student in the district of residence for the subsequent year no later than March 15th of the current school year;

9.1.2††† Submitting notice of intent to enroll the student in another nonresident district for the subsequent school year together with a letter of acceptance from the proposed district of attendance no later than March 15th of the current school year; or,

9.1.3††† If the parent desires to change the studentís enrollment during the school year or after March 15th by obtaining approval from both district of attendance and the district in which enrollment is sought.

9.2              Unless provisions have previously been made for enrollment in another school, Uintah School District, upon releasing a student from enrollment, shall immediately notify the district of residence, which shall enroll the student in the resident district and take additional steps as may be necessary to ensure compliance with laws governing school attendance.


10.1†††† The parent or guardian of any student not attending the school in the designated attendance area, or of any student that is a nonresident of the district, shall arrange for the studentís transportation to and from school.However, the district shall provide transportation on the basis of available space on an approved route within the district to the school of the studentís attendance if the student would be otherwise eligible for transportation to the same school from that point on the bus route and the studentís presence on the bus does not increase the cost of the bus route.

10.2†††† The district shall provide transportation for students attending another school if the studentís school of residence is a Title I school which has been identified for school improvement and the parents have requested that the student be allowed to attend a school not identified for school improvement. The districtís obligation to provide transportation shall exist only as long as the school of residence remains in school improvement. Once the school of residence is no longer identified for school improvement, responsibility for transporting the student shall revert to the parents under Section 10.1.


11.1†††† Uintah School District shall accept credits toward graduation that were awarded by a school accredited or approved by the State Board of Education or a regional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.


11.2†††† Uintah School District shall award a diploma to a nonresident student if the student meets graduation requirements generally applicable to students in the school.However, the nonresident student must attend school within the district during the trimester/semester immediately preceding graduation.

11.3†††† In order to graduate from high school in Uintah School District, a student must attend one trimester/semester prior to graduation.


12.1†††† The Board of Education may in exceptional circumstances waive the application deadline or other requirements of this policy on a case by case basis when the Superintendent and the Board of Education determine that there are conditions of unusual, extraordinary special need which warrant and justify such action.

13.0†††† STATE LAW

13.1†††† Included by reference in this policy are all applicable provisions of state law, including Utah Code Annotated Section 53A-2-207 through 53A-2-213, and State Board of Education R277-437-1 through R277-437-5.

13.2†††† If any of the provisions of this policy conflict with and are superseded by state law covering the same subject, state law shall prevail.

13.3†††† Nothing contained in this policy shall be construed as changing other related requirements such as the need for guardianship proceedings and powers of attorney as required by district policy no. 007.0130.