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Replaces Policy 007.0610 approved on 10/17/85.


1.0†††††† Prior to enrollment, all foreign exchange students must be approved by the Director of Student Services.


2.0†††††† The student shall be fluent in understanding and speaking English as shown by a nationally recognized English Competency Test.


3.0†††††† The Uintah Board of Education shall annually approve the number of foreign students a secondary school may accept.


4.0†††††† Prior to June 30th of the school year in which they wish to enroll, privately placed foreign students shall:


4.1†††††† Pay tuition established in Policy 007.1500 (School Fees)


4.2†††††† Obtain and submit an I-20 form as required by the Immigration and Naturalization Service in order to receive the F-1 student visa.


4.3†††††† The Superintendent may, for good cause, grant an extension to the deadline above.


5.0†††††† Procedures and requirements for enrollment of foreign exchange students and privately placed foreign students.


5.1†††††† All foreign students must be cleared and approved through the District Office by June 30th.


5.2†††††† Uintah School District will accept both J-1 foreign exchange students and F1 foreign students who meet the entrance requirements as follows:

5.2.1††† The student must provide an official English translated transcript of grades from all secondary schools they have attended.The translated transcript shall be paid for by the student.

5.2.2††† The student must have a (B) or better grade point average in order to be considered for acceptance.

5.2.3††† The sponsor family must live in Uintah School District.It is expected that the student will reside with this same family for the duration of the enrollment.

5.2.4††† Any student with a criminal history, or with a previous expulsion from another school district shall not be accepted.


5.3†††††† Immunization and health requirements.


5.3.1††† Prior to acceptance for enrollment, the student must provide acceptable evidence of the following:

a)†††††††† They are free from communicable diseases;

b)†††††††† They are in good health;

c)†††††††† They have all immunizations required for public school students in the state of Utah up-to-date; and,

d)†††††††† The medical records must be translated into English at the expense of the student.


5.4†††††† Students are expected to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

5.4.1††† If tutoring is required to help a student succeed, any costs will be the responsibility of the host family or agency.

5.4.2††† Students are not eligible for ESL (English as a Second Language) or special education programs.


6.0†††††† The studentís primary purpose for school enrollment is to improve the foreign studentís knowledge of American culture and language through active participation in family, school and community life.


6.1†††††† Students shall not be allowed to graduate if they have already done so in their home country.


6.2†††††† Transcripts will be provided indicating studentís grades, attendance, and citizenship


6.3†††††† Foreign students seeking graduation must complete at least one semester of high school in Uintah School District and be enrolled at the time of application for graduation and meet the District graduation requirements in full to receive a high school diploma.


7.0†††††† A registered full-time exchange student at Uintahís secondary schools (grades 9-12) may participate in the Utah High School Athletic Association (UHSAA) activities if he/she meets UHSAA and Uintah School District eligibility standards.


8.0†††††† Foreign students shall not be allowed to enroll in Driver Education during their first semester.They may participate the second semester with written approval of the sponsoring agency or family upon payment of the full cost of the training.


9.0†††††† Foreign students shall pay all appropriate school fees and participation charges and do not qualify for fee waivers.


10.0†††† Foreign students and host families must comply with all policies and rules applicable to students in the school district.