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REVISES AND REPLACES 007.2300 Education and Family Privacy adopted 6/10/97


1.0†††††† Testing or Survey Prohibited Without Consent


1.1.††††† The Uintah School District prohibits the administration to a student of any psychological or psychiatric examination, test, treatment, or any survey, analysis, or evaluation without the prior written consent of the studentís parent or legal guardian, in which the purpose or evident intended effect is to cause the student to reveal information, whether the information is personally identifiable or not concerning the student or any family memberís:

1.1.1.†† Political affiliations or, except as provided under Section UCA 53A-13-101.1 or Rules of the State Board of Education, political philosophies;

1.1.2.†† Mental or psychological problems;

1.1.3.†† Sexual behavior, orientation or attitudes;

1.1.4.†† Illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating or demeaning behavior;

1.1.5.†† Critical appraisals of individuals with whom the student or family member has close family relationships;

1.1.6.†† Religious affiliation or beliefs;

1.1.7.†† Legally recognized privileged and analogous relationships, such as those with attorneys, medical professionals or ministers; and

1.1.8.†† Income, except as otherwise required by law.


1.2.††††† The prohibitions under Section 1.1 shall also apply within the curriculum and other school activities unless prior written consent of the studentís parent or legal guardian has been obtained.


2.0†††††† Parental Consent/Notice††††


2.1.††††† Written parental consent is valid only if a parent or legal guardian has been given written notice and reasonable opportunity to obtain written information concerning:

2.1.1.†† Records or information, including information about relationships, that may be examined or requested;

2.1.2.†† The means by which the records or information shall be examined or reviewed;

2.1.3.†† The means by which the information is to be obtained;

2.1.4.†† The purposes for which the records or information is needed;

2.1.5.†† The entities or persons, regardless of affiliation who will have access to the personally identifiable information; and

2.1.6.†† The method by which the parent or the student can grant permission to access or examine the personally identifiable information.


2.2.††††† The Notice required by section 2.1 must be given to a parent or legal guardian at least two (2) weeks before information protected under this policy is sought except in response to a situation which a school employee reasonably believes to be an emergency or as authorized under Utah Code Annotated Section 62A-4a-4 et. seq related to child abuse or neglect reporting requirements, or by order of the Court.


2.3.††††† Following disclosure a parent or guardian may waive the two (2) week minimum notification period.


2.4.††††† Parental authorization shall be valid until the commencement of the subsequent school year or until one of the following occurs.

2.4.1.†† The child completes or withdraws from the course, activity, or program for which it was granted;

2.4.2.†† A written withdrawal of authorization is submitted to the school administrator by the authorizing parent or guardian;

2.4.3.†† A general consent of a parent to approve admission to school or involvement in special education, remedial education, or a school activity does not constitute written consent as required in this policy.


3.0†††††††††††††††††† Written Consent Required


3.1†††††† In the absence of an expressed written consent from the parent or guardian authorizing the collection or release of information and documents defined above, such documents and information shall not be obtained or disclosed.(UCA 53A-13-301 et. seq.)


4.0†††††† Studentís Free Speech Rights


4.1†††††† This policy does not limit the ability of a student to spontaneously express sentiments or opinions otherwise protected against disclosure under this policy.