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1.1  Access and entry to Uintah School District buildings and facilities:

1.1.1        Intent is to limit unauthorized access to district facilities in order to protect students, staff and property.

1.1.2        Uintah School District will provide employees controlled access to the necessary facilities and times required to accomplish their job responsibilities.

1.1.3        Uintah School District will provide structured entry and traffic patterns for student, public and off-hour access to district facilities.

1.1.4        The maintenance department is responsible for all safety and security of District facilities.

1.2  Time access is allowed:

1.2.1        Group, Door and Individual Schedules  Public access to district facilities shall be limited to front doors during normal operating hours only.  Schedules may allow unsecured conditions for a reasonable period of time before school, outside recess, lunch, end of school, and special events or activities.  It shall be required that facilities are secured at 10:00 p.m. Weekends and holidays buildings will be open from 6:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. All employees are to be out of the schools by 10:00 p.m. Alarm codes are NOT to be given to unauthorized employees. Buildings will be open at 6:00 a.m.  Para professionals, coaches, extra-curricular program leaders, building supervisors etc. shall be granted access and hard keys at the discretion of the facility administration. Employees may enter a school if the facility is unsecured due to an activity.  Employees must leave the school after the event is over.  Site administrators shall dictate group and individual access schedules and be required to submit a schedule request to the maintenance department to activate access rights outside of normal group schedules.

1.2.2        Special Group  Start of day, recess and lunch periods, and afternoon secure times shall be programmed into card access doors and manually applied on all other doors according to schedules set by site administrators.  Site administrators shall ensure policies and procedures are adhered to and maintained regarding manual doors.

1.3  Provision to modify access control parameters:

1.3.1        Special Group, group or individual schedule changes may take up to two working days to implement.

1.4  Environmental control outside of normal operating hours will only be activated for special events. (Individuals who work in off-hours should dress accordingly)

1.5  Conditions that call for increased security may impose additional restrictions.



2.1  A Key/Core request must be submitted and have all approvals and signatures before the lock smith may complete requested work. Keys will be issued as follows:

2.1.1        Secondary Schools: Appropriate keys for each administrator and custodian

2.1.2        Elementary Schools: Appropriate keys for each administrator, secretary and custodian.

2.1.3        Individual employees will normally be granted hard key access to their respective work spaces and common areas. Facilities management employees shall have administrative approval issued by their respective supervisor, and then approved by the maintenance department.

2.1.4        Building master keys will be issued upon completion of Key/Core Request, one each to site administrators, vice principals, head custodians and facilities management employees.

2.1.5        District hard keys may be temporarily issued, upon completion of Key/Core request to trusted external contractors to facilitate critical work by authority of the facilities manager.

2.2  District hard keys shall only be cut or otherwise duplicated by the district lock smith.

2.3  District hard keys are not to be loaned from the person issued for any reason.

2.4  District hard keys must be surrendered upon demand by district administrator, facilities administrator, site administrator or district safety and security supervisor.



3.1  District hard keys are to be kept safe from theft or loss.

3.2  The loss of a district hard key must be reported immediately to site administration and safety and security department. Each situation will be evaluated by safety and security, facilities management and district administration to determine how best to regain building security.

3.3  Employees who copy a key or disregard this policy, or who do not follow this policy will be subject to disciplinary action or termination.

3.4  Non returned keys are subject to a $250 fine.



4.1  A correlated numeric or alpha-numeric identification system shall be used to identify each key and each core and/or lock as applicable. These designators shall be stamped into the respective component.

4.2  A tracking record shall be generated for each individual, key and core in the district.

4.3  All indicated information and approvals shall be collected and maintained on a printed index card of a uniform format. Electronic records developed for these criteria are acceptable for data correlation and report generation but shall not super cede the preceding requirements for hard copy records.

4.4  Students shall not be issued keys nor allowed in a building without adult employee supervision.

4.5  Record information shall include but not be limited to:

4.5.1        Individual employee name and each district hard key ID number issued to their possession.

4.5.2        Lock core ID number and physical location by facility and door number.

4.5.3        List of each key ID compatible with each core ID

4.5.4        Each Key/Core Request must include a site administrator/facility manager signature, safety and security department signature and lock smith completion and issued signature. Applicable dates shall be indicated for each of these events.

4.5.5        Employee signature indicating agreement to adhere to all provisions of key policy pertinent to use and possession of district hard keys.

4.5.6        The above indicated information shall be kept current and additions and changes logged in a timely manner.



5.1  New installation, remodel or re-key projects are subject to the same record requirements as stated above. Each site shall have a master top level, sub-master, and sub-sub-master divisions as appropriate.

5.2  A log of repair work shall be maintained indicating location, time, date, problem and action taken. Comprehensive use of work order comments field may satisfy this requirement.



6.1  All Records, Key cutters, blanks, cut keys, code books, pin charts and trade information including operating instructions and manuals shall be maintained in a fixed and locked location (Building). All records and inventories must be presentable upon demand by appropriate authority.

6.2  The Maintenance Department will be notified immediately whenever it is discovered that a school key is lost or stolen or when a new key assignment or room change has been made.



7.1   Responsibility of user:

7.1.1        All employees shall be provided a Building Access and ID Card Policy copy and agreement form.

7.1.2        District employees shall sign an agreement with the district to receive their ID and access cards.

7.1.3        Access cards are not to be loaned or given to anyone other than a site or district administrator.

7.2  Display and care:

7.2.1        All employees are required to wear the ID badge on District properties during official capacity. ID badges are to be prominently worn so the photo is clearly visible to others.  The ID badge is to be worn between the shoulders and waist on a           clip or lanyard. The ID shall not be defaced or altered.

7.2.2        Access and ID cards that cease to work or wear out due to normal use will be replaced by the district with no fees or charges to the employee.

7.3  When and where cards will be issued:

7.3.1        A new card will be issued in the event of a legal name change or under the circumstance that the photo on the card no longer resembles the employee.

7.3.2        Those individual employees displeased with their ID card photos may request a replacement via their respective site administrator. Such replacements shall cost $2.00 to be deducted from the employees next pay check and occur at a time and place specified by the appropriate district representative. The maintenance department will collect old cards when issuing a replacement.

7.4  Loss And Abuse:

7.4.1        Loss is defined as any circumstance where the physical location of the card is not known. Once a card has been deemed lost, and subsequently replaced, replacement fees can not be refunded should the original card be found.

7.4.2        Loss of an access and/or ID card must be reported immediately to site administrator and maintenance department.  A replacement fee of $5.00 each will be charged to the employee for ID and access cards lost.  Site administrators will be responsible for temporary cards in their care.

7.4.3        Employees are not liable for wear consistent with normal use.

7.4.4        Altered or destroyed ID or access cards shall be subject to the same replacement fees as lost cards.

7.4.5        Individuals failing to promptly return cards to the district office or maintenance department upon leaving employment with Uintah School District will have a $25.00 replacement fee deducted from their final pay.