Uintah School District Building Security Procedures


1.0              Security Procedures:

1.1              Physical Security:

1.1.1        Integrity of building openings  All exterior doors and any other type of fire exit must allow unimpeded egress per fire code  All exterior windows, doors and other openings shall be locked or adequately secured to prevent unauthorized entry, except in those instances expressly approved by district policy, site or district administrators.

1.1.2        Procedure outline:  District and site administrators shall implement procedures to address site specific conditions as necessary to meet requirements of the Building Security Procedures, and are considered an extension of the Building Access and Card Policy and carry the same disciplinary measures.

1.2              Security Panel:

1.2.1        Programming  Programming shall be performed to meet policy requirements and directives from district administrators. Changes to programming may be specified by site administrators via request to the technology department.  Burglar alarm shall be programmed to “Auto-Arm” daily per site administrators’ schedule.        Site administrators must submit a request to the technology department for temporary schedule changes for special events.        Auto-arm shall be programmed to “force arm” open zones (those zones where movement or open contacts are showing, thereby creating an alarm condition).

1.2.2        Mandatory use  Access cards WILL NOT disarm the burglar alarm; this task must be performed manually at the alarm key pad.  It shall be mandatory for employees with off-hour access privileges to operate the alarm system at their facility.  Use of sign in/out sheets is strictly required  The first and last thing an employee entering or leaving the building are to do during off-hours is to check the sign in/out sheet and arm or disarm the burglar alarm system as appropriate.

1.3              Sign in/out sheets:

1.3.1        Sign in/out sheets shall include the following columns:



Time In

Time Out

Optional columns at site administrator’s discretion

1.4              Callout personnel:

1.4.1        A list of three individuals from each district facility shall comprise the contact list.  Employees on the list shall provide a current home telephone or cell phone number that they can be reached at in the evening and weekends.  A site administrator shall be included on the list.  Each site will be responsible to insure their list is current and accurate.  The initial list and any changes thereafter shall be submitted to the technology department in order for changes to be coordinated with outside entities.

1.4.2        Responsibility  When contacted by security monitoring company respond to the appropriate facility.  Notify site administration of all false alarms within 24 hours. Site administrators notify technology department.

1.4.3        Entering building during callout  Employee is responding in the capacity of a district representative.  Alarm monitoring company shall be instructed to dispatch Police in conjunction with callout personnel. Employee shall call Uintah Basin Consolidated Communications Center ((435) 789-4222) to coordinate meeting police and obtain other pertinent instructions.        Be prepared to provide an expected time of arrival, be able to provide a location near the facility where you will wait, should you arrive before police, and be able to provide a general description of the vehicle you will be arriving in.        DO NOT enter the building before police arrive.        You may be questioned about certain circumstances concerning the building such as what light are supposed to be on etc…  In the event of a physical breach to the building, contact site administrators as necessary to ensure building is secure before leaving.  Employee is to arm burglar alarm before leaving.  In the event of a fire alarm; provide fire department access to building as requested.  Employee is prohibited from performing any action that may endanger himself and not expected to attempt recovering property etc…  In the event of a false fire alarm, reset and arm the alarm before leaving building.        Site administrator shall provide a contact number to their callout personnel, callout personnel shall hold such information in strict confidence and only use in emergency.

1.5              Tampering and/or disabling security system components:

1.5.1        Should a repair or change to the security system be deemed necessary notify site administration (site administrators will contact technology department as necessary).

1.5.2        Under no circumstances shall any unauthorized individual move, alter or by any means attempt to defeat any component associated with the burglar alarm system.

1.5.3        Anyone found to be engaging in such activity as described in section 1.5.2 will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

1.6              Access and security logs:

1.6.1        The Technology Department shall be responsible for collecting, disseminating and storing archived access and security system logs.

1.6.2        Access and security system logs shall be made available to site administrators for their respective sites monthly upon request.

1.6.3        Access and security logs will be archived and saved for a period of six months.

1.6.4        Current and archived access and security logs will be made available at any time upon request from district and site administrators.