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School Board Highlights

from the February 10, 2009 business meeting of the Uintah School District Board of Education




Discussion on Location of Alternative Education Program:  Superintendent Charlie Nelson reported that after evaluating again the cost of moving either the Alternative Education program or the Preschool program to the Maeser Kindergarten building, District Office Administration is now working on another option.  Superintendent Nelson recommended that the Board of Education table a decision at this time.  The new proposal will be presented at a future Board of Education business meeting. 


Recognition of State Champion Uintah High School U’ettes:  It was an honor for the Uintah School District Board of Education members, along with District Administration and patrons, to congratulate Uintah High School’s U’ettes for being named State Champions at the 3A Drill Team competition held in Provo.  Coaches Robin McClellan and Cami Cook were also congratulated.


Recognition of Sarah Young, Outstanding Employee at Uintah High School:  Also being honored was Sarah Young, Special Education teacher at Uintah High School.  Shannon Deets commented that Sarah is, “A great teacher who inspires.” Kevin Dickson also paid a wonderful tribute to Sarah Young and thanked her for her selfless service.


Approval of Out-of-State Travel:  A motion was made by Allen Huber to approve the out-of-state travel requests for Vernal Middle School science students to attend the Science Fair at Colorado Northwestern Community College, and the Uintah High School Baseball team travel to Farmington, New Mexico.  JoAnn Cowan seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.


Approval for Repair of Vernal Middle School Grand Piano:  A motion was made by JoAnn Cowan to approve $15,000 to fix the damaged grand piano at Vernal Middle School.  Scott Ruppe seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.


Approval of Future Construction Project:  A motion was made by Scott Ruppe to approve the request to begin the construction process for the addition to the School Foods Warehouse, and renovation and expansion of Davis Elementary.  Allen Huber seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.


Approval of Real Estate Purchase:  Tabled.


PersonnelAppointment of Personnel:  The following individuals were approved for appointment by the Uintah School District Board of Education:

Alisha Gowen, Part-time YIC Mentor, Lapoint

Kimberly Smith, Sweeper, Naples

John Nerdin, Boys Soccer, Asst. Coach

Morgan Whiting, Boys Soccer, Asst. Coach


Resignation of Personnel:  Letters of resignation have been received from the following:

Paula Huber, Technology Technician – effective Feb. 13, 2009

Marlene Smith, Sweeper, Maeser – effective Feb. 2, 2009

Patricia Young, Special Ed. Teaching Assistant, Lapoint – effective Jan. 29, 2009

Camille Hallum, Art Specialist, Ashley – effective Jan. 29, 2009


Leave of Absence:  A leave of absence was approved for Kathleen Irving.