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School Board Highlights

from the August 26, 2008 business meeting of the Uintah School District Board of Education



Introduction of Ross Watkins – Student Representative:  Ross Watkins, the 2008-2009 Student Body President, will serve as the Student Representative to the Uintah School District Board of Education.  He is the son of Matt and Janalee Watkins and has been involved in Student Government for the last two years.  He has been in several high school musicals and has been a member of the Swim Team, Cross-Country Team, and Soccer Team.


Approval of CTE Bid Award:  A motion was made by Scott Ruppe to approve the bid award for the purchase of sewing machines for the Vernal Middle School CTE Program and the Vernal Junior High FCS Department to Dave’s Bernina in the amount of $22,085, including trade in items.  Shane Frost seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.


Board Member Per Diem:  A proposal was presented by Board Member Scott Ruppe for School Board to members receive a per diem for non-scheduled meetings of the Board of Education.  The Board asked Business Administrator Randy Upton to poll other school districts in regards to School Board member per diem.  This will be placed on an upcoming School Board business meeting agenda for discussion and decision.


Transportation Decision:  A motion was made by Perry Taylor to establish a bus route to and from Quailbrook Neighborhood and Discovery Elementary.  This route is to be established using existing buses already delivering children to Discovery Elementary, and to be funded by the district and not state funds.  It is also directed that children North of 500 North who live in the Ashley Elementary boundary will be bused to Ashley Elementary.  Shane Frost seconded the motion.  Those in favor:  Shane Frost, JoAnn Cowan, and Perry Taylor.  Those opposed: Scott Ruppe and Dr. Rodney Anderson; motion carried.



PersonnelAppointment of Personnel:  The following individuals were approved for appointment by the Uintah School District Board of Education:

Brycie Klein, Teacher, Eagle View

Ethan Sheffer, Sweeper, Davis

Robyn Toone, Media Aide, Discovery

Mary Rush, Teacher, Discovery

Jessica Johnson, Food Services Worker

Elaine Bernard, Reading Tutor, Maeser

Trish Culpepper, Reading Teacher, VJH

Caren Nelson, Dance Teacher, Davis

Ryan Hartle, Transportation

Becky Harrison, Custodian, VMS

Holly Wilson, Teaching Assistant, Central Cove Preschool

Tammy Adelman, Teaching Assistant, Central Cove Preschool

Robyn Lance, Food Services Worker, Davis

Heather Jaeger, Food Services Worker

Kathleen DeLozier, Food Services Worker

Amanda Crosland, Teaching Assistant, Central Cove Preschool

Carolyn Fulkerson, Teacher, Discovery

Heather Smuin, Teaching Assistant, Central Cove Preschool

Michael Pospisil, Teacher, Lapoint

Brian Baldwin, Football Assistant Coach


Change in Positions:

Lorrie Law – from Teaching Assistant, Discovery – to PE Specialist, Discovery

Sharon Bills – from Bus Driver – to Transportation Routing Specialist

Cortney Hall – from Teaching Assistant – to Media Aide, VMS


Resignation of Personnel:

Renee White, Transportation – effective August 7, 2008

Wendy Lamb, Art Specialist, Maeser – effective August 15, 2008

Mark Karren, Transportation – effective August 18, 2008

Darlene Ramsey, Special Ed. Teaching Assistant, VJH – effective August 20, 2008

Kathy Quinto, Special Ed. Teaching Assistant, UHS – effective August 20, 2008

Christine Farnsworth, Teaching Assistant, Eagle View – effective August 15, 2008

Hazel Reese, Sweeper – effective August 14, 2008

Lisa Waller, Transportation – effective August 19, 2008

Dean Harrison, Special Ed. Teaching Assistant – effective August 25, 2008

Debbi Peed, Special Ed. Teaching Assistant – effective Agusut 21, 2008


Transfer of Personnel:

Jana Culp, Teacher – from Lapoint – to Maeser