From: Shelly Massey
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 8:46 AM
To: USDEmployees
Subject: 9.9.08 board highlights.doc


School Board Highlights

from the September 9, 2008 business meeting of the Uintah School District Board of Education


Approval of NWEA Testing Renewal Fee:  A motion was made by Shane Frost to approve the renewal fee for NWEA testing services for the 2008-2009 school year in the amount of $51,987.50.  Perry Taylor seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.


Approval of Sale of Land by Naples Elementary:  A motion was made by Shane Frost to approve the sale of a parcel of property near Naples Elementary for the proposed offer of $10,000.  The measurements of the property are 333’ x 20’.  Perry Taylor seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.


Personnel:  The Board of Education approved the appointments of the following individuals:

Sandy Foley, Reading Tutor, Maeser

Ricquelle Wilson, Part-time Teaching Assistant, Davis

Florence Gehring, Music Specialist, Maeser

Shirley Peterson, Teacher, Davis

Marilee Billings, Custodian, VMS

Shellie Morey, Custodian, UHS

Susan Bird, Reading Tutor, VMS

Terierose Rochelle, Teacher, Maeser

Kimberly Jacobsen, Teacher, Discovery

Lou Ann Brough, Spec. Ed. Teaching Assistant, Maeser

Julene Richards, Spec. Ed. Teaching Assistant, Naples

Aubrey Janowicz, Spec. Ed. Teaching Assistant, Naples

Lesha Coltharp, Connections Site Facilitator, Davis

Lisa Reynolds, YIC Mentor, VMS & Lapoint

Catheryn Simmons, Reading Tutor, Maeser

Susan Ross, Bus Aide

Paige Womack, Teaching Assistant, Discovery

January Jackson, Teaching Assistant, Discovery

Joni Crane, Building Use Supervisor, UHS

Cynthia Sprosty, Building Use Supervisor, UHS

Bruce Atwood, Building Use Supervisor, UHS

Dennis Vincent, Building Use Supervisor, UHS

Rebecca Rampton, Dance Teacher, Ashley

Betty Ann Peterson, Spec. Ed. Teacher, UHS

Elisabeth Balch, Computer Specialist, Naples

Lisa Smuin, Teaching Assistant, Discovery

Elaine Bernard, Teacher, Maeser

Joe Meanea, 9th Grade Boys Basketball

Alan Peacock, 9th Grade Girls Basketball

Kristy Putnam, 8th Grade Girls Basketball

Norm Bernard, Speech/Drama

Mary Donovan, Speech/Drama

Karilynne Pearson, Speech/Drama

Kristy Putnam, 8th Grade Volleyball

Brooke Long, 8th Grade Volleyball

Jason Workman, 9th Grade Wrestling


Resignation of Personnel:  Letters of resignation have been received from the following:

Aaron Simmons, Custodian, Eagle View – effective 8-31-08

Keith Caldwell, Data Specialist, Technology – effective 9-5-08

Lori Trujillo, PE Specialist, Eagle View – effective 8-28-08

Gloria Alonzo, Teacher, Eagle View – effective 11-15-08

Cheryl Augustus, Food Services Worker – effective 8-25-08

Dana Duncan Brunton, Teacher, VJH – effective 10-31-08