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Uintah School District

School Board Highlights

August 11, 2009 business meeting




Recognition of Outstanding Employees – Andrea McKea & Tom Howells:  Andrea McKea and Tom Howells were recognized by the Board of Education for their assistance in overseeing the Vernal Middle School remodeling project.


Approval of Check Scan Machines:  A motion was made by Scott Ruppe to approve the request to contract for three years with Zions Bank to lease 12 check scan machines.  It is directed that the Business Office will evaluate the cost effectiveness and benefit of the machines within the 90 day trail period.  Allen Huber seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.


Approval of Foods Warehouse Expansion:  A motion was made by Scott Ruppe to approve the warehouse expansion for Food Services.  JoAnn Cowan seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.


Approval of Site Plans/Construction Projects:  A motion was made by JoAnn Cowan to approve the site plans and construction projects for Davis Elementary, Lapoint Elementary, and the warehouse for Maintenance.  Approval of construction for Ashley Elementary and the development of the Vernal Middle School fields tabled until September 8, 2009.  Allen Huber seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.


Approval of Site Plans for Ashley Elementary:  A motion was made by JoAnn Cowan to approve site plan 3 as the preliminary architectural design for the new Ashley Elementary School building, with the directive that the orientation of the building to be conducive with the flow of traffic.  Allen Huber seconded the motion; motion carried unanimously.


PersonnelAppointment of Personnel:  The following individuals were approved for appointment by the Uintah School District Board of Education:

Trisha Cheney, Teacher, VMS

Eleanor Elizabeth Wheatley, Teacher, VMS

Jeanne Smith, Teacher, Lapoint

Tammera Tankersley, Teacher, Eagle View

Cody Fowkes, Teacher, Eagle View

Aubrey Janowicz, Special Ed. Teacher, Maeser

Russ Carter, Head Custodian, VMS

Ricky Green, Custodian, VMS

Joseph Ipson, Technician, Technology

Julie Becraft, Title I Tutor, Naples

Phillip Oviatt, Teacher, Davis

James Bagnaschi, Teacher, Lapoint

Loren Jones, School Psychologist

Chad Ryle, Summer Computer Technician

Karl Sullivan, Summer Computer Technician

Florence Gehring, ESL Teacher

Mary Chavez, Computer Specialist, Eagle View

Chris Manwaring, Teacher, UHS

JaRee McConkie, Food Services Worker, Foods Dept.

Keely Simper, Part-time Secretary, Naples

Paige Markworth, Part-time Secretary, Ashley

Randy Upton, Asst. Girls Basketball

Kirstin Christophersen, Asst. Girls Basketball

Karlee Ann Allred, Asst. Cheerleading

Richard Henderson, 8th Grade Boys Basketball


Resignations:  Letters of resignation have been received from the following:

Lori Gillman, Skills USA Advisor, UHS – effective 6/17/09

Linda Richardson, Teacher, Lapoint – effective 6/18/09

Rebecca Rampton, Dance Teacher, Ashley – effective 6/29/09

Jessica Johnson, Part-time Food Services Worker – effective 7/07/09

Rosalie Sager, Bus Driver – effective 7/03/09

Florence Gehring, Music Specialist, Maeser – effective 7/08/09

Joy Jenkins, Part-time Secretary, Ashley – effective 7/13/09

Gina Strole, Adult Ed Aide – effective 7/01/09

Suzette McFarland, Music Specialist, Ashley – effective 5/29/09

Dean Harrison, Teacher, VJH – effective 7/15/09

Karen Foreman, Part-time Food Services Worker, Maeser – effective 7/09/09

Cami Cook, Half-time School Nurse – effective 8/03/09

Brittany Pardue, Part-time Food Services Worker, Ashley – effective 7/30/09

Inga Davis, Part-time Night School Teacher – effective 7/20/09

Shirley Glines, Teacher, VJH – effective 8/10/09

Gary Galley, Asst. Skills USA Advisor, UHS – effective 8/11/09

Cyndi Valentine, Teaching Assistant, Ashley – effective 8/11/09


Transfer of Personnel:

Deb Hayes – from VMS SpEd Teacher to Naples SpEd

Francene Deegan – from Davis SpEd to Naples SpEd

Riquelle Wilson – from Davis SpEd to Naples SpEd

Sabrina Deppe – from VJH Food Services to Maeser Food Services


Leave of Absence:  A one year leave of absence was approved for Robin McClellan.