What Makes Our School Different:

The core values of the school include a consensus that all students can learn and be successful. We recognize our role in individualizing and adapting curriculum and instruction to meet the learning styles of the students. We hold ourselves and students accountable for learning and success.

Scheduling : The school operates beginning at 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Students are required to attend classes for 28 hours per week with one release class. The release class options include; internship, work release employment, night school classes or participation in 5 hours of online class learning per week.

Open Enrollment : The school is open enrollment so students can register at any time throughout the year. A counselor at the school has been given a guideline to refer students who are three or more credits behind for graduation or have failed an entire term of school during the school year.

Individualized Courses: The courses are designed to be independent study with teacher support and direction. Course requirement sheets are given to the student prior to starting a new class. Students have up to 12 weeks to complete the course. Students are given an incomplete grade for incomplete courses.

Mastery-based Learning: Mastery based learning is used to ensure that all students reach competency levels of learning.

Projects: All projects are graded with rubrics using a scale of 1 to 3 (1 being low and 3 high). Sub-categories with a score of a 1 must be resubmitted with changes.

Writing Assessments: Writing assessments are graded according to the six traits of writing. Revisions must be made until each component is scored at 'met standard' range using online writing assessments.

Tests: Tests must be completed at a 70% grade. Online curriculum includes on-line and paper/pencil test options. All tests are proctored by the teacher.

Child Care Service: Child care services are available for students Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. There is no charge for this service. Both breakfast and lunch meals are provided. The child care service includes age-appropriate literacy activities for children enrolled in the program. The program also partners with the Parents-As-Teachers (PAC) program. PAC offers in-home visits and individualized learning activities for families.

Safe and Drug Free: Safe and drug-free school environments are essential for student success. It is the goal of alternative education that all students be educated in a learning environment that is safe, drug-free, and conducive to learning. In an effort to identify and help students who are struggling with addictions, Ashley Valley Education Center provides random drug screening options for all students.

With parental consent, students are tested and a referral for drug counseling is made for positive results. All testing results are given to parents. Notification of results is also given to a probation officer if a student is on probation and to the school safety hearing officer for students who violate safe school policy.